About the Book

Some of the best lessons in life are taught by those people you don’t know at all. It doesn’t matter how short an encounter may be—that single fleeting moment with a complete stranger is enough to change your life in a way you never could have ever imagined. Author Tim Commons knows firsthand how strangers can touch lives. When he undertook an extraordinary challenge and took the portraits of 100 Strangers, his life was never the same.

The idea behind this picture book stems from the Flickr.com - 100 Strangers Project, a learning group for people who want to improve the social and technical skills needed for taking portraits of at least 100 people they don’t know and telling their stories. It promotes a method of learning by doing. Aside from being fun and improving photojournalist skills, it expands one’s everyday living experience and gains him a couple of new friends along the way.

In taking pictures of 100 Strangers, the author tries to tell a small story with each photo he has taken. It could be a story about the person or how he felt about approaching that particular individual. It could also be about new approaches he incorporated or new photographic techniques he used. For Commons, people and their stories make life more than just a ride—they make it a journey worth savouring and remembering. Thus, he always tries to learn from every encounter he makes with strangers and encourages others to do the same.

The book contains over 100 full colour portraits.