About the Author

When I went back to school at 37 and started to learn art and design, my feeling was that “I saw the world through new eyes” and that, that was feeding my soul. Flickr® makes me happy because I can share a passion for life with like minds and spirits. The place is inspirational and rewarding and I love weaving my way through the maze, dropping bread crumbs along the way.

During the 100 Strangers Project, which for me took over six months to complete, I went from a novice, sporting a compact camera, to a semi-professional, sporting some of the world’s most sophisticated camera gear. The photos presented in this book are a testament to this growth.

Upon leaving high school at the age of 18, I enlisted and served six years in the the Royal Australian Navy. Next came a period of seven years with IBM Australia as an Analyst/Programmer. Today I am following my passion for art and design and more specifically Street, Fashion, Portrait & Event photography. I never leave home without a camera in hand and wouldn’t have it any other way.

The journey continues...

Tim Commons